Koutyman – Extreme Mountain Duathlon 2015

The idea to organize an extreme mountain duathlon in Kouty Resort came directly from the potential of a beautiful and pure mountain environment in the vicinity of the pumped-storage power plant of Dlouhé Stráně with the facilities of the resort, including some very attractive mountain bike trails for running and cycling. Another reason is to create a race comparable to the conditions and demands of some foreign races which take place in the Alps. The participants of this race will get a unique opportunity to compete at an altitude of 1.300 metres with the elevation of 2.600 m.

The circuit of the race begins with a short run out of Kouty Square at an altitude of 560 metres above sea level, past the lower station of the cable car and after the run in the rugged terrain ends with a flatter stretch back at the resort square. The cycling leg starts with a short ride in the terrain followed by a long stretch on the  asphalt road, around the lower reservoir, and all the way to the Dlouhé Stráně upper reservoir at an altitude of  1.300 metres above sea level, then the ride continues with through a bit easier terrain around Mravenečník massif, and the spectator-attractive finish of the downhill ride, followed by an interesting ride along the easier trails of Kouty Bikepark to the resort square.

Kouty Bikepark has already hosted several mountain bike races – including Bike For Life, Enduro Race, Czech Republic Championships in DH, Czech DH Cup, Moravian-Slovakian Cup, a Cross Country Czech Cup race and more. Contestants set out for the last, more arduous stretch of the
race from here in the surroundings of the nearby pistes past the cable car upper station at the altitude of 1.100 metres above sea level at the vantage point of the Rysí skála nature trail on Medvědí hora. Then the circuit returns through the forest trails and pistes back to the finish line at the square.


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